Scott and Laci Peterson's Home

523 Covena Ave, Modesto, CA 95394

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): Scott Peterson,

Victim(s): Laci Peterson, Conner Peterson (unborn child),

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

Christmas Eve is the quintessential time for the American family to come together. “It’s a Wonderful Life” plays on the Lifetime channel while mom and dad wrap gifts in the glow of the Christmas tree lights. This was everything 8 month pregnant Laci Peterson ever wanted, unfortunately it would never become reality.

Instead of celebrating on Christmas Eve of 2002, Laci Peterson was reported missing in the afternoon by her husband Scott Peterson after he returned from an impromptu fishing trip near the San Francisco Bay. Nearly 4 months later in April of 2003, Connor and Laci Peterson’s decomposing bodies were found separately on the shore of the San Francisco Bay. One week later, Scott Peterson was arrested for their murders in San Diego with his dark hair dyed bright blonde and a pack of 12 Viagra tablets in his car.

Although Scott Peterson has maintained his innocence, it is widely believed that he murdered Laci in their home in Modesto, then dumped her body in the San Francisco Bay while on his alleged fishing trip. After Laci’s disappearance, Scott maintained his relationship with local massage therapist Amber Frey, even calling her from a candlelight memorial for Laci and Connor while claiming that he was in Paris.

Finding the Location

This is an occupied private residence, please be respectful of the current residents and do not attempt to go onto their property. Stay on public streets at all times.

The home is located on the west side of Covena Avenue in Modesto, Ca. The home has 2 large trees in the front yard, a brick walkway leading up from the street and a fenced in front porch area in the front. It is directly to the right of the large home with pillars. Eerily enough, if you view the location from Google street view you can see the house decorated for Christmas.