LaBianca Murder House

3301 Waverly Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): Charles Manson,Tex Watson,Patricia Krenwinkel,Leslie Van Houten,Susan Atkins,Steve “Clem” Grogan,

Victim(s): Leno LaBianca,Rosemary LaBianca,

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

The night after several members of the Manson family murdered Sharon Tate and several others in Beverly Hills, Charles Manson was displeased by how the Tate murder went and decided to show the family members how a proper murder was done. After waking Leno LaBianca in the living room and Rosemary LaBianca from the bedroom, the couple was sat side by side and Mason put a pillowcase over each of their heads, and tied each in place with a lamp cord.

Manson proceeded to stab Leno with a chrome plated bayonet several times while the female family members took Rosemary into the bedroom, where she fought back. Hearing the commotion from the bedroom, Manson entered the bedroom and stabbed Rosemary several times with the bayonet. Manson insisted that every family member participated in the murder, and made sure each of them stabbed either Leno or Rosemary. On the refrigerator, Krenwinkle wrote "Healter Skelter" in LaBianca’s blood.

The home’s address was changed to 3311 Waverly Dr. and was most recently sold in 2020 for almost $1.9M to Zak Baggins of Ghost Hunter fame. A 3D walkthrough of the property is available on Redfin.

Finding the Location

The home is located on Waverly Drive in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, near the south-east corner of Griffith Park. The home itself is located behind a large gate, but from the street the driveway and garage is visible. This is a private residence, trespassing is illegal so please keep your visit respectful, do not loiter, and stay on public roads.