Campbell Family Murder House

8901 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): David West, Cindy Rae Campbell,

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

In the middle of the night on June 19, 1982, gunshots rang out inside the home of James and Virginia Campbell. The couple had been asleep in their bed with their two young grandsons asleep on the floor near their bed when a masked intruder entered the room, shot the couple and left. The Campbell's housekeeper, Maria Gonzales, called 911 but investigators were unable to get any information from the the boys who had seen the shooting happen, but were unable to identify the triggerman. Inside the front door of the house, investigators found a single rubber glove. They also discovered that a kitchen window had been opened from the outside, a window that the housekeeper insisted had been closed and locked.

Because James Campbell had been a lawyer, investigators focused on previous clients of his at first, but came up with dead ends. They also began looking into the Campbell children, and discovered that Cynthia "Cindy" Campbell had a tumultuous relationship with her mother in particular. Cindy was the mother of the two boys who were asleep in the bedroom with James and Virginia when they were killed. She had been married and divorced, and had struggled with substance abuse in the past so she was unable to care for the boys full time. Although a financial motive made sense for Cindy, there was no evidence that would tie her to the murders.

Investigators narrowed in on an ex-boyfriend of Cindy Campbell, a man named David West. Although the two had broken up, he was still fiercely loyal to Cindy. Private investigators secured by the Campbell family (unbeknownst to Cindy) brought an attractive young female veteran named Kim Paris on board. Her sole job in this case was to go undercover and secure a recorded confession from West. After months of gaining his trust and wooing him, David West finally confessed to Kim Paris that he had committed the murder, and she had secured the confession on a hidden cassette recorder.

The day after the recordings took place, the private investigators took it to the DAs office. Sn arrest warrant was issued for David West, and he was arrested and charged with first degree murder later that day. After trial had started, it became increasingly clear that he was likely to be found guilty and face the death penalty for the murders. In a plea deal with prosecutors, West agreed to plea guilty and testify against Cindy Campbell in relation to the murders, and in return would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The same day that David West changed his plea to guilty, Cindy Campbell was arrested and charged with capital murder in the deaths of her parents. David West testified against her at trial, but her first trial ended in a hung jury. Prosecutors immediately refiled the charges against her, and at the second trial she was sentenced to life in prison. Cindy Campbell died in prison in May of 2021.

Finding the Location

The large home where James and Virginia Campbell were killed is located in a high end suburb of Houston near the intersection of Interstate 610 and Interstate 10. This particular stretch of Memorial Dr. is lined with multi-million dollar mansions. The home at 8901 Memorial is now obscured by a tall black iron fence and shrubs, but the Spanish style tile roof is still visible to those who seek it out.

If you decide to visit, remember to stay on public roads and walkways at all times and never trespass onto private property. Please be respectful of current residents and neighbors of the home.