Jori Lirette’s House

699 Church St. , Thibodaux, LA 70301

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): Jeremiah Wright,

Victim(s): Jori Lirette,

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

Jori Lirette was born severely disabled with cerebral palsy, to the point where he needed around the clock care. His father, Jeremiah Wright, cared for him while his mother, Jesslyn Lirette, worked. Jeremiah had a history of drug abuse and psychiatric issues, and by 2011 Jeremiah began claiming that he believed Jori was actually a dummy, and not really his son.

On Aug. 14, 2011, Jeremiah decapitated and dismembered seven-year-old Jori. He placed the boy’s head in the driveway of the home and placed various body parts in trash bags. When Jesslyn returned home from work that day, she discovered her son’s head in the driveway and contacted police.

After his arrest, Jeremiah repeatedly claimed that the boy he killed was not his son, but actually a dummy. He stated that he placed the “dummy’s” head in the driveway because he wanted the boy’s mother to see it and feel stupid. He also stated that Jesslyn and him had gotten in a fight the evening before and she claimed she was going to move out of the home, which might have been the extenuating circumstance which caused Jeremiah to finally snap.

Jeremiah pled not guilty due to insanity on the first degree charge. A State District Judge found that defense credible and ruled that he would not face trial for the murder charge due to insanity in 2014. Wright is now in custody at the East Louisiana Mental Health System in Jackson, Louisiana.

Finding the Location

The small, one bedroom blue home is located in the Ridgefield neighborhood of Thibodaux, on the corner of 7th and Church St. The home is located directly across the street from the cemetery yard of St. John’s Episcopal Church. This home is private property, do not enter private property with the express consent of the property owner. Stay on sidewalks and do not block traffic.