Ted Bundy's Childhood Home

658 N Skyline Dr., Tacoma, WA 98406

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): Ted Bundy,

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

Ted Bundy lived in this home with his mother and stepfather, Johnny Culpepper Bundy from the time that he was around 5 years old through his high school years. His mother and Johnny Bundy had 4 other children together, but family friends remember Johnny as being loving and inclusive towards Ted.

Ted Bundy has said various things about his childhood and high school years. Due to his stepfather working and his mother's attention being on his younger half-siblings, he had a lot of freedom to wander the neighborhood and get into trouble. He never had many friends, and seemed to prefer to keep to himself most of the time. Bundy at one time stated that during his childhood he became interested in disturbing sexual crimes and murders, and he would dig through dumpsters and trash cans to find detective novels and newspapers that had pictures of crime scenes. He also began drinking at a young age, consuming whatever alcohol he could find in the trash or on the street. He would often engage in peeping Tom behaviors, looking in the windows of neighborhood homes to watch women while they undressed.

During high school, Ted Bundy was arrested at least twice for various crimes, though it appears that none of them were violent in nature and likely didn't have to do with his peeping Tom behaviors. When he turned 18, these records were destroyed and expunged from his record as per the law in Washington state, so we may never know the exact details of Ted's earliest crimes.

The home was remodeled several years ago, and it was reported by the Associated Press that unexplained phenomenon started happening during the renovations. Many of the contractor's employees noted feeling uneasy in the Bundy house, and his own young daughter burst into tears and asked to leave after entering the home. At one point the contractor, a sceptic of supernatural, entered the home to find all the drawers cabinets open, none of his employees admitted to doing this as a prank and he believes them. So many eerie things happened that the contractor penciled bible verses on the walls and had pastors come to bless the home.

Ted Bundy would go on to to murder over 30 women, escape from prison twice, and ultimately be executed in Florida for his crimes.

Finding the Location

The home that Ted Bundy shared with his family is located a few miles west of downtown Tacoma on N. Skyline Drive. The baby blue home has been extensively remodeled recently and the inside now looks completely different than it must have while Ted Bundy lived there. The home now has 4 bedrooms and a partially finished basement. It last sold in 2017 for $334,719.

The home is private property. Do not disturb the current tenants or homeowners, and never enter private property without the express consent of the property owner.