John Wayne Gacy's House

8213 West Summerdale Ave, Chicago, IL 60656

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): John Wayne Gacy,

Victim(s): Timothy Jack McCoy,John Butkovich,Darrell Julius Samson,Randall Wayne Reffett,Samuel G. Dodd Stapleton,Michael Bonnin,William Huey Carroll Jr,James Byron Haakenson,Rick Louis Johnston,Kenneth Ray Parker,Michael Marino,William George Bundy,Gregory John Godzik,John Alan Szyc,Jon Steven Prestidge,Matthew Bowman,Robert Edward Gilroy Jr.,John Antheney Mowery,Russell Lloyd Nelson,Robert Winch,Tommy Joe Boling,David Paul Talsma,William Wayne Kindred,Timothy D. O'Rourke,Frank William Landingin,James Mazzara,Robert Jerome Piest, 6 Unidentified males,

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

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Finding the Location

The home where John Wayne Gacy killed all of his victims was demolished in 1979 while authorities were searching for the bodies of his victims. In the mid-1980's a new home was built on the lot, which was given the address of 8215 West Summerdale Ave (instead of 8213) to make it less recognizable to morbid tourists.

The property was last sold in April 2021 for $395,000 according to Zillow.