Caylee Anthony Body Site Memorial

8900 Suburban Dr., Orlando, FL 32829

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Quick Facts

Killer(s): Casey Anthony (not convicted),

Victim(s): Caylee Anthony,

Written by: Jewls Krueger

About This Location:

On July 15, 2008, two year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her maternal grandmother, Cindy Anthony. Caylee was being raised by single mother Casey Anthony in Casey’s parents’ house in Orlando Florida. At the time of the report, Caylee’s grandparent’s hadn’t seen Caylee in over 30 days and Casey claimed that Caylee had been kidnapped by a made-up nanny named “Zanny”.

On December 11, 2008, the skull of Caylee Anthony was found in a fabric bag with duct tape over or around the mouth area. Over the next few days other bones were found around the skull’s location. The area that the body was found in was nearby the Anthony home in an overgrown, wooded area. A week after the body was found, the medical examiner determined the method of death to be murder, and the exact cause of death to be unknown.

Casey Anthony went to trial for the murder of her daughter and various other charges in 2009. Prosecutors claimed that Casey regretted her choice to have Caylee and wanted to return to her party girl days. Defence claimed that Caylee had drowned in the Anthony family pool, and her body was hidden by her grandfather in an effort to hide what had happened. Ultimately, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder and walks free today.

Finding the Location

A memorial was set up for Caylee in the location that her body was found in the months following the discovery of the body. Over the years, people have brought flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, and signs to the site in an effort to memorialize young Caylee. Now, over 10 years since the discovery of the body, the amount of teddy bears has dwindled and the site is harder to find. A permanent memorial on the site was said to be in the works but has yet to be built.

To see the location, head east on Suburban Dr,. until you pass Hopespring Dr. On your right, you’ll see a home with a long backyard fence. About 50 feet after the fence ends, you’ll see a small break in the overgrowth. In that small clearing is the location where Caylee’s skeletal remains were found. The location is located on private property. As a reminder, be respectful and never enter private property. Stay on public roads and don’t block traffic.